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When I made aliyah and arrived in the land of Israel in 2011, there had been a drought for many years and Israel was on the brink of a water catastrophe, however G-d gave me a gift to bring with me to the land and it changed all that. Since then the rains have in fact returned to land of Israel.                                                             

Thank you HaShem for trusting me. 

Here is my story...

In 2010, I arrived in Israel for the first time in my life. I immediately went to the Old City in Jerusalem where I was enrolled in the 10 Day Isralight Inward Bound  Program. My plan was to stay another 20 days but I ended up staying for 2 months. I traveled the entire country and made it a point to swim in all the seas, the Mediterranean, Kinneret, Dead Sea and Red Sea. I fell in love.

Touring in Nachlaot, I said, “this is where I want to live”. Later that month it was Sukkot and I was invited to a Sukkah party at 39 Betzalel, and as soon as I walked inside I said, “this is where I want to live”. B’H, this is my home today and The KOTU Centre.   

Prior to my arrival in 2010, as a single person I attended many Shabbatons. For some reason while saying their blessings, I began to hear people mix the sound of the ” ך ” in the word מלך Melech (King) with the sound of the “ ה ” in the word העולם HaOlam (of the Universe). It didn’t sound right.  

I decided to go public and spoke to quite a few groups about this. I was surprised at how well it was received, so I continued to talk about it everywhere I went. It was not until I returned to New York after 2 months in Israel that G-d showed me what was holding back or blocking the blessing of rain.

It was 2 weeks back in New York since Israel and I was driving to the Reis’s house to attend a class. I had just parked my car on West End Ave and turned off the engine when all of a sudden the connection between the pronunciation of King of the Universe (Melech HaOlam) and the rain (Geshem) began to appear.

In 1999, I became Baal teshuva through Rebbetzin Jungreis and Hineni and in 2001-2003, I learned full time at Yeshiva Torah Mitzion.

As I sat in my car what I was “seeing” was happening so fast that I first called my friend Zwe Padeh but couldn't reach him so I then called my friend Tzvi Merling and immediately asked him if he knew the gematria of the word מלך Melech. He quickly responded 90, and then I asked him about the word העולם HaOlam. He said 151, however at that moment I “saw” the ” ה “ in העולם HaOlam was closed and appeared to be a “ ח “ (chet) so I added 3 to the numerical value of 151 because a ” ח “ (chet) is numerically 3 more than a ” ה “ and that became 154. Then I added the ” ך “ which is 20 and the ” ח “ which is 8 for a total of 28 which were the two letters I “saw” was causing the “blockage”, then added that to the 90 and the 154 for a grand total of 272. I asked Tzvi what word also had the numerical value for 272? He responded with Ra’av (famine). At that moment I knew I was very close to something and then Eloheinu (Our G-d) appeared, I asked Tzvi what was the gematria of Eloheinu and he said 102. And there it was all along for 3000 years right in front of our eyes. In every blessing we make אלהינו מלך העולם Eloheinu Melech HaOlam when pronounced correctly = 343גשם Geshem! (Rain)

When I landed in Israel in 2011 on my aliyah trip,  one of the first things I did was to design and print up 100,000 Melech HaOlam flyers. Those flyers began to circulate in Israel and around the world. Ever since then the rains have returned and so have I.    

It's time to come home...    





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