What is The KOTU כֺּהטוּ Centre?

Welcome to The KOTU Centre, A Place of Miracles. KOTU is an acronym for “King Of The Universe”, which is the English translation of two Hebrew words מלך העולם "Melech HaOlam". The Centre was created after the success of the worldwide "Melech HaOlam" Project which effectively helped bring back the rains to Israel. The entire episode in detail is described on our Melech HaOlam page. Since then The KOTU Centre has hosted thousands of people for Shabbat & Holiday meals in which 5 couples met here and got married, and 3 new Jewish souls have been born into this world so far. Every week it transforms into a Learning Centre. Some very prominent Rabbis have spoken here like Rabbi David Aaron of the Old City, Rabbi Mendel Kessin, Author Rabbi Avraham Arieh Trugman, Lecturer Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi, and Breslov Reb Meir Elkabas.   

The KOTU Centre under the direction of Zerach Seidman HaCohen (Life Coach), Founder and Director, recently launched a very specialized and personalized service for those individuals in need of recovery, offering an all inclusive Wellness Recovery Program (WRP) at The KOTU Centre to help those in crisis or facing a variety of challenges. Zerach is also available for private sessions.     

One of our future global initiatives is to fulfill God's commandment by disseminating the 7 Laws of Noah to the Nations of the World. The KOTU Centre plans to launch the Nation Of Noah (NON) website in 2018. Our vision is unlike anything else ever imagined.  Our plan to sign up millions, possibly hundreds of millions of non-Jews to recognize them as members of The Nation Of Noah following the 7 Laws of Noah (Sheva Mitzvot B'nei Noach).         

We also open our facility to vacationers as a short-term vacation rental when not being used for our other programs. So if you are planning to visit Israel and would like to stay in an amazing place filled with tremendous light and spectacular views, come and reserve the KOTU Centre Guesthouse which can accommodate up to 4 adults. Or for larger groups, we have other places for you to stay. The KOTU Centre is also a great event space and available on a limited basis to host your Sheva Brochot or Special Occasion featuring floor to ceiling glass windows in the dining areas overlooking the Knesset and Rechavia.        

The KOTU Centre could not survive without the help and support of the Jewish Community. If you've had the opportunity to experience a KOTU event or would like to in the future, please help in keeping us moving forward. Thank you.     

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