What is The KOTU Centre?

First, KOTU, is an acronym for “King Of The Universe”, which is the English translation of two Hebrew words מלך העולם "Melech HaOlam". The Centre was created after the success of the worldwide "Melech HaOlam" Project which effectively brought back the rains to Israel. My entire story in detail is described on the Melech HaOlam page. Since then The KOTU Centre has hosted thousands of people for Shabbat/Holiday meals and in which 5 couples met here and got married. And so far 3 new Jewish souls have been brought into the world as a result.

The KOTU Centre also offers a very specialized and personalized 10-day all inclusive Soul Recovery program to help those in crisis get their lives back. Click on the link for more information.  

And our next global initiative is the Nation of Noah, (NON) designed to fulfill God's commandment disseminating the 7 Laws of Noah to the nations of the world.         

You can also stay at The KOTU Centre guest house for people looking for a nice comfortable place to stay with spectacular views. The KOTU Centre event space has hosted many Sheva Brochot and Special Events as well.     

Every Sunday night The KOTU Centre transforms into a learning center with classes given by some very prominent Rabbi's including Reb Meir Elkabas, Rabbi Avraham Arieh Trugman and Rabbi Mendel Kessin. (Please email us for the next series.)       

Nothing else like it in the world! We're putting it all together! The KOTU Centre,  To Educate, Inspire and Awaken the Jewish Nation and The Nation of Noah (NON). Please come and enjoy The KOTU Experience!  

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