Places To Stay in Jerusalem 

On your mobile phone click the drop down menu on the upper left for a list of some of  our accommodations in Jerusalem. You can also stay at the KOTU Centre for a once in a lifetime amazing experience. We can also accommodate from the single traveler to large families and groups using muliple properties. 

The KOTU Centre features three glass atriums allowing an enormous amount of light to enter inside. The 3 bedroom, 2 full bath can accommodate up to 7 guests and sometimes up to 11 guests using the living room areas. It's a large 139 square meters or 1500 square feet.  

The Neighborhood: Nachlaot, a suburb known for its narrow winding lanes, old style houses, hidden courtyards and synagogues and is a relaxed haven and creative hub in the heart of Jerusalem. Staying here at The KOTU Centre puts you close to everything, such as The Machane Yehuda Shuk (5 min walk) which during the day is a fruit/vegetable market filled with restaurants, shopping, and thousands of people who visit daily, at night it transforms to a hip, high energy nightlife of bars, restaurants, live bands, music and happenings. The Famous Ben Yehuda Street (6 min walk) with all the shopping, coffee shops, restaurants, events and lots of action. Gan Sacher Park (3 min walk) has playgrounds for the kids and outdoor exercise equipment for adults and a trail for jogging, riding bikes or just walking. LIGHT RAIL TRAIN (6 min walk) Hop onto the Light Rail and be in The Old City in just a few stops or go in the opposite direction and you're at The Central Bus Station. The Old City Jaffa Gate (20 min walk) Walk down Ben Yehuda St to Jaffa St and make a right turn and you'll be at the Old City. From Jaffa Gate walk about another 7 mins and you'll be at The KOTEL. Kraft Stadium (7 min walk). Central Bus Station (10 min walk).

There are over 100 Shuls in Nachlaot alone, so whenever you need to pray you'll always be able to find a place to go. MORE PHOTOS CLICK HERE

For availability and additional information call or email: USA: (516) 536-6606 | Israel: 054-834-4119





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