At the KOTU Centre we have hosted over 3500 guests from around the world for Shabbat and Holiday meals. Five couples met here at our Shabbat table and got married. Besides the traditional homemade culinary cuisine by Zerach Seidman, the atmosphere and environment is "second to none". The dining room glass wall overlooks the Knesset and all of Shaare Chesed making it the ultimate and unique Shabbat experience of a lifetime. The views are spectacular! Zerach's "Curry Gefilte Fish" dish became famous worldwide. Guests who never eat Gefilte fish have commented it's the only Gefilte fish they will eat. His chicken dishes have turned vegetarians back to meat eaters. It's an amazing delightful meal! And no one ever left hungry. The KOTU Shabbat Experience is not just about the food. Enhancing the event are the D'var Torah's and singing traditional Shabbat melodies and songs. And let's not forget the wonderful guests who attend these special meals.  


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