How was the Melech HaOlam revealed?  

This is the project that created The KOTU כֺּהטוּ Centre here in Jerusalem, Israel. 

"It's not everyday that a person receives a Divine Insight and does something with it."  Zerach Seidman, HaCohen 

Here is my story...

The Melech HaOlam story began in 2010, respectfully. It had been approximately 8 years since my full-time learning at Yeshiva Torah Mitzion on Long Island. I began to hear people mixing or carrying over the "sound" of the last letter, the ” ך ” in the word מלך Melech (King) with the sound of the “ ה ” in the word העולם HaOlam (of the Universe). It happened often enough that I began to speak publicly about this particular mispronunciation of people's blessings. In fact, whenever I had an opportunity, I spoke to small and large groups about proper pronunciation when saying our blessings. And it was always well received. 

I arrived in Israel for the first time ever in 2010, not knowing that Israel was suffering the worst drought since the 1920's. During my trip I made it an objective to swim in all the seas around the country. One year later, in 2011 I would make aliyah.

Prior to my aliyah, I returned to Israel on a pilot trip to find my home, which became The KOTU Centre. Mission accomplished.

After just 2 weeks being back in New York I was going to a shiur (class) to the Upper West Side in Manhattan. I found a parking spot on West End Ave, and if you live in Manhattan you know that's a miracle, so when I turned off the car engine, all of a sudden I was blessed with a Divine Insight that the mispronunciation of our blessings, that I had been speaking about since 2010, was the root cause of the rains being held back in Israel. I needed more help to understand what it was that I was actually seeing. So I first called my friend Zwe Padeh and couldn't reach him, but then I got my friend Tzvi Merling on the phone and asked him if he could help me with some gematrias, (the numerical value of the Hebrew letters).  As I sat inside my car it was all figured out in a matter of minutes. Below is a description of our conversation:    

I immediately asked him if he knew the gematria of the word מלך Melech. He quickly responded 90, and then I asked him about the word העולם HaOlam. He said 151, however at that moment I saw the ” ה “ in העולם HaOlam was closed and appeared to be a “ ח “ (chet) so I added 3 to the numerical value of 151 because a ” ח “ (chet) is numerically 3 more than a ” ה “ and that became 154. Then I added the ” ך “ which is 20 and the ” ח “ which is 8 for a total of 28 which were the two letters I saw causing the problem, then added the 28 to the 90 and the 154 for a grand total of 272. I then asked Tzvi what word also had the numerical value for 272? He responded with Ra’av (famine). At that moment I knew I was very close to getting this and then I visualized the name Eloheinu (Our G-d), I asked Tzvi what was the gematria of Eloheinu and he said 102. And there it was all along, right in front of our eyes. In every blessing we make אלהינו מלך העולם Eloheinu Melech HaOlam when pronounced correctly = 343, The same gematria of גשם Geshem! (Rain).       

A few months later when I made aliyah, Israel was still on the brink of a water catastrophe. I immediately began to design a pamphlet in the same shape and size as Israeli currency. I then contacted a graphics designer to assist me with the layout. Once that was approved by a Dayan (judge) from a shul in Nachlaot, I proceeded to print 100,000 flyers. We began to distribute them immediately. From the moment we began distribution, it started to rain. B'H, And the more we distributed, the more the rains returned until the drought ended. It was a very special time to actually be a witness to this happening.                

So we know by our sages that the proper pronunciation of our Hebrew words especially "blessings" are so important, and it's important that we don't change, G-d forbid the meaning, or the gematria of what we are saying.   

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