Business and Life Consultation   

People have been coming to me for decades for guidance, advice and help, including other life coaches and professional therapists. Whether it was in relationships, business or health.   

As a Life Coach I incorporate my real life experience with my Torah knowledge, to give you the best solution to your current challenges. My approach is different than most. Here is a small insight into my 40 plus years in business and working with thousands of people and children. You might of heard of a company called AT&T? They were my client in the early 1990's. I created motivational themed events for their entire sales staff. We brought together each year their top 600 sales people to participate in an amazing 3-day event. This event was designed to introduce their new and future products, and to build team spirit. My roster of clients also included many of the Fortune 100 companies. Citibank, HBO, Disney etc. In 1993 The Olympic Committee invited me to Atlanta to discuss my vision of the opening and closing ceremonies of the 1996 Olympics. Both productions reflected my vision.  

My successful company grew from starting my own business as a youngster, and becoming a professional magician and clown. Over those years I entertained tens of thousands of children. As a professional entertainer, you have to understand how to relate to children in a way to get them motivated. I also volunteered many times every year to entertain children with disabilities, which was always rewarding and insightful and at the same time very challenging.      

In the height of my career as an events producer, I took over the children's management company that represented me as a young actor in the movie "The Chosen". A film based on the book by Chaim Potok. We represented over 40 children in TV, Film, and Stage. Kevin Connolly who became one of the stars in HBO's "Entourage" was a one of our success stories. With both companies running full force, I decided to design a unique stationery product called "QB Square" which sold throughout the United States and worldwide.     

From my own life challenges and constantly breaking through my own paradigms to achieve success, I extended my level and professional training in transformative learning and understanding with my participation in The Landmark Education Forum. After years of participation, I was on my way to become a Landmark Forum leader.  However, I discovered there was a missing element to all the information and heightened awareness I came to know. In 1999, I became a Baal Teshuvah, which means someone who returned to Judaism. In 2001, I went to Yeshivah full time as an adult for 2 years and began to increase my Torah knowledge. Ten years later I made aliyah, and now living in Jerusalem since 2011. The missing part or empty space was discovering the truth and finally getting to know who I am in the world. Allow me the opportunity to help you or someone else you care about, get passed their struggles with appropriate, caring and effective guidance.

Areas that I have helped people are in business consulting, personal relationships, health issues and other life challenges.    

To schedule an appointment or have a discussion with me please call or send an email:

In the USA: 516­-536-­6606, Israel: 054-­834-­4119 or email at 

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