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I've been counseling people for decades in every aspect of life and business utilizing my training in transformative learning completing the entire curriculum of Landmark Worldwide in 1992. Seven years later I became a Ba'al Teshuvah and began learning Torah, eventually going to learn full time in Yeshiva. As a business entrepreneur in personal management, entertainment, event production and manufacturing, I turned my once magic and clown shows as a youngster into a multi-million dollar business, producing corporate events, meetings and conferences for some of the biggest companies in the world. One of which was AT & T. The events I created for AT & T were designed to entertain, motivate and team build thousands of their top sales employees. You have to understand people to know how to help them break through their own barriers to be able to produce these type of events to achieve the desired results, which we did. My higher insights that also play an important role in helping find the solutions for you to achieve your goals, which really make my counseling service very unique. My decision to open up my counseling services came after Life Coaches, Psychologists, and other professional therapists started coming to me for guidance and assistance. 

If you want someone who will understand what it is that you are going through and help you break through the barriers that are stopping you from having a completely fulfilled life, then you've found the right person. My objective is to give you the tools to help yourself, and not make our relationship a lifetime affair. I want to see people succeed in both their personal life and professional career.                     

Keeping it simple is the one approach I like to use. As I listen to what is going on with you, I create an opening for the solution to present itself. As the layers lift your inner light will begin to shine again. Picture a light bulb if you will that's been sitting in the closet collecting dust for years and its light has dimmed. All the layers of dust are like our life experiences that have dimmed our inner light. Sometimes those layers create disease (dis-ease). Now as we wipe away each layer one at a time eventually we'll get them all and you will have the freedom again to just be present in the world with your light shining bright once again.      

In my own personal life, I'm a Cohen, divorced and I have 30 year old son. My parents are married for 66 years and live in the same house in Long Island that I grew up in. I've owned a number of companies in areas of personal management, entertainment, event production and manufacturing. My USA business phone number hasn't changed in over 40 years. I mention that because to carry the same business phone number from the late 1970's to today is a feat that not too many people can claim. "Also no one can claim that they didn't know how to reach me." 

I've had many success stories of people that I have helped over the decades, B'H. Maybe it's your turn? The areas that I have helped people are in marriage & family, relationships, business, guidance & career, mental health, rehabilitation, suicidal & confused thoughts however any area that you’re facing a challenge I could help you and if not, then I will point you to the right person who can. 

To speak to me or schedule an appointment you can send an email or call me.

In the USA: 516­-536-­6606, Israel: 054-­834-­4119 or email at [email protected] 

*All conversations are kept in the strictest confidence





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