The WellNess Recovery Program (WRP)

The world we are living in today is very challenging. The WellNess Recovery Program (WRP) is designed to help individuals, couples, families or groups get back to living a "New Life". The reason we say "New Life" is because if you're struggling from something from the past, present or even future and have never let it go, then for sure, once you breakthrough and let it go, it's like beginning a "New Life". 

There are a lot of commingled ideas that people have, which create layers of confusion and darkness, so sort of like a light bulb that has been collecting dust over the years, maybe decades, which has diminished its ability to shed light into the world. Once we clean up your internal light bulb then you begin to shine again. And sadly some people have never shined. For those people it is truly a "New Life" experience. Our ultimate goal is to wipe away those layers of dust and allow you the freedom to be and have a life experience you deserve.      

You will not leave here the same person as when you arrived otherwise we haven't accomplished our mission. The WRP design is to quickly speed you to a breakthrough solution and find the "root" cause of your life's challenges. Acknowledge them and eradicate them. So whether it's a physical and/or psychological disorder our ultimate goal is to identify what it is that is holding you back from having the ultimate life and return your soul to a state of health, wellness and purity. The coordinator of The "WRP" is KOTU director Zerach Seidman HaCohen, Life Coach. We will create an personalized itinerary that may include meetings with appropriate Mekubalim, Tzaddikim and Rabbonim. Plus traveling to some very Holy sights and Kevarim (Graves of the Righteous). In addition, a range of learning, interactive activities and "life understandings". You see how we bolded and underlined "life understandings". That's the part of our program that differentiates us from anything else in the world. It can possibly be described as the moment that you actually "wake up". Here is a list of some of the most common challenges that people are dealing with in their everyday lives that we will breakthrough and return you to a healthy happy soul.                                             

  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Burnout 
  • Bipolar
  • Cancer
  • Addiction
  • Suicide
  • Marriage/Relationship Conflict
  • Anger Management
  • Mental Illness
  • Panic Disorder
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  • Complex Trauma
  • Stress
  • Grief and Loss
  • other life challenges    

The WellNess Recovery Program is an all-inclusive program, excluding airfare, that includes accommodations, meals, learning sessions, tours, ground transportation and all other materials needed for your stay. You'll be staying in Jerusalem, the Capital of Israel. To schedule an appointment or a free consultation please call or send an email.

In the USA: 516­-536-­6606,

Israel: 054-­834-­4119 or email at 

*All conversations are kept in the strictest confidence


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