What is The KOTU Centre?

KOTU, is an acronym for “King Of The Universe”, which is the English translation of two Hebrew words מלך העולם "Melech HaOlam". The center was created after the success of the worldwide "Melech HaOlam" Project which effectively brought back the rains to Israel. The KOTU Centre has hosted thousands of people for Shabbat and Holiday meals and in fact, 5 couples met here and got married. So far 2 new Jewish souls have been brought into the world as a result. It's a great event space as we've hosted many Sheva Brochot and special events.        

Every Sunday night at 8:30pm, we host and transform the center into a place of learning, whereas Jewish men and women of all ages come here to meet & learn. Separate seating. Classes have been given by Reb Meir Elkabas, Author and Lecturer Rabbi Trugman and Rabbi Mendel Kessin.

We also offer accommodations for people visiting Israel. The KOTU Guest House, when available, is a great place to stay for up to 3 people. It consists of 2 rooms plus a private bathroom and shower. It's located on the upper level of The KOTU Centre with breathtaking views of Rechavia, The Knesset, and Jerusalem. For accommodations, we can host any size group or family, visit www.barrydean.com 

The KOTU Centre to Educate, Inspire and Awaken the Jewish Nation and now The Noahide Nation. The Noahide Nation is our next big project.

Please help support our efforts. Thank you.  


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