What is The KOTU כֺּהטוּ Centre?

Welcome to The KOTU Centre, Jerusalem, Israel. The letters KOTU are an acronym for “King Of The Universe”, which is the English translation of two Hebrew words מלך העולם "Melech HaOlam". The KOTU Centre was established in 2012 after the success of our worldwide "Melech HaOlam Project" which effectively helped bring the rains back to the Land of Israel during the worst drought since the 1920's. The rains returned and the drought ended. You can read about this "Divine Insight" in detail on our Melech HaOlam page.

Since The KOTU Centre opened its doors, it has hosted thousands of people for Shabbat & Holiday meals visiting Jerusalem from all over the world. We are so thrilled to share with you, that five couples met here, and got married. We've also had the pleasure of hosting lectures by some very well- known and prominent Rabbis including Rabbi David Aaron, Author and Educator, Rabbi Mendel Kessin Lecturer, Rabbi Avraham Arieh Trugman Author and Spiritual Guide, Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi, Lecturer and Breslov Reb Meir Elkabas, who have all taught here, and educated and inspired a countless number of people.     

The KOTU Centre is also the home of Founder and Director Zerach Seidman HaCohen. He has an extensive background in event production and entertainment. His signature dish at all our Shabbat meals is his world famous "Curry Gefilte Fish". His extensive life experience has enabled him to offer personalized services as a Business and Life Coach which have helped many people and other therapy professionals.                             

Incoming tourists can also stay at The KOTU Centre on the upper level. There are two private rooms that can sleep up to four guests and a private bathroom with shower. Fully air-conditioned, high speed WIFI and TV. And the views from the large balcony are spectacular, overlooking the Knesset and Jerusalem.       

Many miracles have taken place here, so make sure you go to The KOTU when visiting Jerusalem. *Reservations required.    



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